Stop Flying Blind.

Find out in advance how the market is going to respond to your messaging with targeted IT focus groups.

Testing space is limited. Beta pricing starting at $4,995 per report.


*PS: You'll also get a sample focus group report right away:

"This is the go-to way to see if your marketing is going to work before you roll out a campaign or launch."

— Craig Theriac, VP of Product Management, Scale Computing

The feedback you need, the advice to implement it.

ActualTech Media has assembled over 140 seasoned IT buyers, executives and architects who are ready to share their honest feedback with you.

Plus: a list of expert 'action steps' so you know what to do next to implement the feedback ASAP.

How Clear is Your Value Proposition?

Does your target audience see how your solution solves their pain?

What Doubts Are Holding Them Back?

What could potentially stop them from taking action?

Will They Request a Demo or Trial?

After watching or reading, are they going to make the leap and ask for a demo or a trial?

What Competitors Are They Mentally Comparing You To?

What other players are they thinking of when you're pitching them?

What Unanswered Questions Do They Have?

Are there hidden gaps in your messaging? Are you missing key details prospects are looking for?

Does Your Planned Messaging Resonate?

Are you speaking to them at the right technical level? Does your messaging get their attention?

So many things to test

...and 14 different technology-specific target audiences to choose from.

Product Launch Messaging

Test your lead benefit messaging, your launch collateral and more.

Landing Pages

Find out if your landing page has what it takes to get your prospects to take action.

Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

Test your architecture whiteboard sessions, or explainer video scripts.

Promo Emails & SDR Scripts

Test and tweak your sales outreach and promo emails to see if you'll hit the mark.

Data Sheets

Does your data sheet have the right amount of detail to seal the deal?

Product Pages

Discover whether your website product pages are convincing your prospects you can solve their problems.

Rave Reviews From Our Beta Clients. 

Team was psyched to see this. Great format. Well laid out with solid suggestions. Confirmed more than a few suspicions that some of us had."

— Don Jennings, Director, Communications & PR, HYCU